So ever wondered what the AIO of the new R9 Fury X looks like? Honestly – I didn’t. I just wanted to include the R9 Fury X into my own water cooling loop inside the EVGA Hadron Hydro. If you don’t know the case, have a look here and understand why you probably have to do it to fit everything in there.

So I’ve found a teardown of CPU AIO watercoolers. My idea was to get the impeller out of the pump, hook up some tubes and that’s about it.

And I thought – it’s from Cooler Master, so it won’t be much different – will it? Oh I was wrong, very wrong.

1. As pointed out by anddill some things were misinterpreted by me, I fixed that. Mainly: It’s not an IC under the flex PCB but the connector (obviously) and the black stuff is not for sealing the pump but for fixating the windings of the stator.
2. My card still lives, I killed my motherboard.
3. It seems like my custom tubes are leaking near the pump entry – I don’t know if I can fix that, but I’d strongly advice against doing it as I did.